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Gov. Schwarzenegger Wise to Veto California Textbook Bill

Posted by thelamp on September 19, 2006

Three cheers for California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for recently vetoing a bill that would begin brainwashing children not just to condone homosexuality, but to take the false step of accepting it as a normal way of life. This, of course, is completely contrary to biblical doctrine.

Schwarzenegger was correct in his actions, but for the wrong reason. The high-profile governor explained his rationale last week when he said that the state’s education laws already prevent discrimination, and the bill “would not strengthen this important area of legal protection from bias based on sexual orientation.”

He would have earned more respect among values voters if he had defended the truth – there’s no good reason to include homosexuality or any other perversion in children’s textbooks. The bill, which won final passage last month would have expanded current anti-discrimination laws by prohibiting any negative portrayal of gay people in textbooks and other instructional material. The amended version that passed did not include a requirement that social science texts include the historical contributions of homosexuals. Lawmakers were wise to drop that provision in an effort to avoid the governor’s veto.

Thankfully, Schwarzenegger was wiser on this issue than he was in August, when he approved a measure discriminating against any entity receiving public funding for speaking out against the homosexual lifestyle. This ridiculous law includes religious organizations that firmly believe in the sanctity of marriage and traditional views of sexuality.

Gov. Schwarzenegger‘s veto helps redeem his credibility as an advocate for faith and family.

Want to thank him for representing the values Christians cherish? Click here to send an email to Gov. Schwarzenegger.



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