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Embryonic Stem-Cell a Question for Missouri Voters

Posted by thelamp on September 19, 2006

A ballot measure being put before Missouri voters in November will ask them whether to amend the state constitution to guarantee that all federally allowed stem-cell research and treatments can occur in that state. An executive order signed by President Bush in 2001 limits federal financing to stem-cell research on 78 embryonic stem-cell lines then in existence.

Values voters should be advised that those who place medical research above the sanctity of life are looking for ways to avert possible bans on human embryonic stem-cell research. Protecting experiments on stem cells could result in unethical research and even human cloning and ought to be avoided.

The fact remains: embryos are destroyed when stem cells are extracted. Embryos are developing humans at the earliest stage of life, and Christians must oppose the destruction of life.

Following Missouri’s lead, the Nebraska Legislature has grappled with limiting research:

  • One proposal would have banned reproductive cloning and the creation of embryos for stem-cell research using a technique called somatic cell nuclear transfer – more commonly referred to as therapeutic cloning;
  • A bill by state Sen. Joel Johnson, a physician, would have banned reproductive cloning but allowed for the creation of embryos for stem-cell research.
  • State Sen. Mike Foley introduced a fetal-tissue research measure that would have banned using state money or state facilities for research involving the destruction of any human embryo, whether it was donated from an in vitro fertilization clinic, created under the somatic cell nuclear transfer method or acquired from stem cells obtained from abortions.

None of the Nebraska measures has made it to a final floor vote. None is deserving of Christians’ support.

University of Nebraska Regent Drew Miller has called for a ballot measure on human embryonic stem-cell research in that state. It won’t happen this year because the state deadline for submitting ballot measures has passed.



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