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Arrested for Handing Out Gospel Leaflets

Posted by thelamp on September 7, 2006

 In Wales, Stephen Green, the national director of the Christian prayer and lobby group Christian Voice, was arrested by South Wales Police the afternoon of Sept. 3. His crime? He was distributing Gospel tracts at a homosexual and lesbian event.

An officer detained Green when he refused to stop handing out Christian leaflets to people entering Bute Park, where the gay “Mardi Gras” event was being held.

Green was taken to the police station and held in a cell for more than four hours before being charged with using “threatening, abusive or insulting words or behavior within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress,” which he the inspector said violated local ordinances.

Green is perhaps best known for campaigning against the anti-Christian “Jerry Springer – The Opera” production that offended Christians in huge numbers last year.

“I thank God for the honor of being locked up for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ Green said in a statement. Speaking about righteousness, morality, sin, repentance and the forgiveness sinners can find in the cross of Jesus Christ may well offend the fragile sensibilities of homosexuals.

Few people are willing to take God’s word to the people who need to hear it most., particularly when the police round up Christian dissidents, treat them like thought criminals and trample on their freedom of speech. CMC members, though, can understand how an evangelist can be be silient no more.



One Response to “Arrested for Handing Out Gospel Leaflets”

  1. 1in12 said

    Knowing of mr Green he probably was offensive.
    Some thing Jesus wasn’t to sinners, and after all its His Gospel.
    I am pretty sure he upset more homosexuals then he saved that day!
    I dont think his tactics are very good at evangelism as he just opposes every thing the world does that he disagrees with!

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