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Arizona Voters Get the Last Word

Posted by thelamp on September 7, 2006

Values voters have more reason than ever to go to the polls in November. The Arizona Supreme Court ruled Aug. 31 that Proposition 107, a referendum to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman and to prohibit cities and the state government from offering domestic partner benefits, can be included on the ballot.

This is a tremendous victory in the battle to save America’s families.

The ruling backs a lower court decision and is a big win for social conservatives who want a same-sex marriage ban in the Arizona constitution.

Opponents, who had asked the court to block the question from the ballot, argued it violated state election rules because it dealt with more than one subject — gay marriages and domestic partner benefits. Supporters counter that both of those provisions deal with the overall theme of the issue — defining marriage as a heterosexual union, as biblically designed. Marriage is the fundamental building block of society, and Arizona voters have the opportunity to lay the foundation.

“I and the rest of Arizonans who believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman are thankful that the Arizona Supreme Court ruled on behalf of marriage and families,” said Cathi Herrod, spokesperson for the Protect Marriage Arizona Coalition, the main organization backing Proposition 107.

If the hotly debated referendum passes, the state and its entities would be forbidden from recognizing same-sex marriage or legal status for unmarried couples. The ability to eliminate “counterfeit” marriages rests with the voters.

Arizona is the eighth state officially to place a marriage amendment on the fall ballot, joining Colorado, Idaho, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin. Colorado’s amendment qualified in mid-August for the ballot when its secretary of state said supporters had gathered more than enough signatures.

Getting the question on the ballot is a huge accomplishment, and CMC members applaud the efforts to make it happen. But remember, this is only part of the struggle. Those who want to preserve and strengthen families must work even harder over the next three months to ensure that everyone who is eligible casts a ballot.



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  1. Mark said

    Thanks for reporting on this! It’s a very important topic.

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