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Prepare to Do Your Duty in November – Register to Vote!

Posted by thelamp on August 30, 2006

 In 1997, Sydney Nixon was seated as a state representative in Vermont after apparently winning election by the closest of margins – 570 to 569. Soon after taking office, however, he resigned because a recount showed that he actually lost to his opponent, Robert Emond, 572 to 571.

No matter what candidates you vote for or what issues you hold dear, your vote matters a great deal. CMC urges you to register to vote before your state’s registration deadline.

“Voting is one of our nation’s most precious freedoms,” said Pastor Rod Parsley, founder and president of the Center for Moral Clarity. “It’s especially important for Christians to make their voices heard at the polls. Jesus said we are salt and light, and voting is a prime opportunity to use our influence to benefit our city, county, state and nation.”

Most states require that eligible voters register anywhere between the day before the election and 30 days before the election (information for your state is available here).

In most states, you can complete an online form, print it and mail it to state authorities to register by mail. CMC makes that service available here.

Churches interested in registering voters during their church services should contact your local board of elections or secretary of state’s office to obtain voter registration forms and instructions in how to complete and return them. You can also set up a laptop computer and printer in the foyer of your church and register voters from the CMC website before and after services.

Above all, be sure to take the time to understand the issues you’ll be seeing on Tuesday, Nov. 7, and to vote on Election Day!



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