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Take Action Now to Stop Pro-Homosexual Bills in California!

Posted by thelamp on August 24, 2006

Pastor Rod Parsley is asking CMC members, especially those who live in California, to take action this week to prevent two pro-gay agenda bills from becoming law in the state. The bills are sponsored by Democratic state Sen. Sheila Kuehl, a former child TV star who was the first openly homosexual member of the California assembly. They are:

  • Senate Bill 1441, which would prohibit discrimination in any publicly funded program based on sexual orientation. It’s an expansion of existing state law, which already forbids discrimination by race or gender. Both houses of the California legislature has passed the bill and it is awaiting action by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Senate Bill 1437, which would forbid classroom instruction or textbooks that “reflects adversely” on groups because of their sexual orientation. The bill passed the California Assembly (akin to many states’ House of Representatives) on Monday and now awaits action in the state Senate. The Senate is expected to concur with the Assembly’s amendments to the bill, then send it to Gov. Schwarzenegger.

“Both of these bills are bad public policy, and Californians should reject them,” said Pastor Parsley. “The only purpose of these bills is to advance the radical agenda of the homosexual community, and expand the power of government to enforce that agenda. Gov. Schwarzenegger should veto the bill that’s already on his desk, and the state Senate should make sure he never gets the opportunity to veto the other one.”

SB 1441 is particularly dangerous, Pastor Parsley said, because it expands the definition of discrimination under state law to include the perception that a person is homosexual, or is associated with an actual or perceived homosexual. “Government should not be permitted to act against its citizens because of how the government perceives their behavior,” he added. “It would apply this standard to services like police and fire protection, financial aid, social services and food stamps.

“The practical effect of this bill would be to force anyone who does business with the state to submit to the radical homosexual agenda as a condition of continued business. Christian organizations that take a biblical view of the family could be shut out of business with the state just because they don’t accept the legitimacy of the homosexual lifestyle. Gov. Schwarzenegger should veto this bill.”

The California Assembly approved SB 1437 by a 47-31 vote this week. It would to ban materials and activities in schools that discriminate against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons.

The bill has been stripped of its most harmful provision – a requirement for textbooks used in the state of California to include the historical contributions of homosexuals – but still does too much to endorse the gay agenda, Pastor Parsley said. “A ‘bias-free’ curriculum necessarily incorporates bias in favor of the homosexual agenda,” he added. “The vast majority of parents in California and elsewhere don’t want that information coming from the schools – it should be done in the home. If the Senate concurs with the Assembly’s amendments, as expected, I hope Gov. Schwarzenegger will support families by vetoing this bill as well.”

If you live in California, you can send an e-mail to Gov. Schwarzenegger about these bills by clicking here. If you live elsewhere, click here to write an e-mail to the governor asking him to veto the bills, using the information above.

In addition, please call these offices to register your opinion, whether or not you live in California:

  • 213-897-0322 (Los Angeles)
  • 559-445-5295 (Fresno)
  • 951-680-6860 (Riverside)
  • 415-703-2218 (San Francisco office)
  • 202-624-5270 (Washington, D.C.)

You can also register your opinions electronically at these numbers:

  • 916-445-2841 (Sacramento)
  • 619-525-4641 (San Diego)

Thank you for making your voice heard on these important issues!



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