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Common Sense in Virginia Teen’s Cancer Case

Posted by thelamp on August 23, 2006

 Abraham Cherrix can now fight cancer his way, even though he’s only 16. He’d been the subject of a national debate over his rights to determine the course of his care.

The Virginia teen was diagnosed last year with Hodgkin’s disease, a cancer of the lymphatic system. He underwent one round of chemotherapy immediately after his diagnosis, but balked at a second round when doctors suggested it early this year. He has been using a treatment called the Hoxsey method, which consists of a sugar-free, organic diet with liquid herbal supplements. That’s when the state of Virginia intervened in his life. At the request of a social worker, a juvenile court judge found Abraham’s parents neglectful and ordered him to report to a hospital for chemotherapy. Wisely, a county Circuit Court judge stayed that order.

Last week, just before a Circuit Court hearing, social services officials and Cherrix’s family reached an agreement that permits Abraham to pursue the Hoxsey method or an alternative course of treatment under a doctor’s care. The agreement specifically absolves Abraham’s parents of any charges of neglect.

CMC is pleased that judicial activism ultimately wasn’t used in this situation to smear a family for its desire to battle a crisis its way. We pray for Abraham’s healing.



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