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Safe in Federal Hands?

Posted by thelamp on August 17, 2006

President Bush this week signed legislation transferring the historic Mount Soledad cross in San Diego to federal ownership. The legal fight over this landmark isn’t over, but the transfer is likely to increase the likelihood that the cross will stay put, as it should.

The cross was just weeks away from being torn down when the U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy issued a stay in the case last month. A federal district court order would have brought the 29-foot cross be torn down on or before Aug. 1. Federal law is more flexible about religious displays on property the government owns than California law is about the similar displays on municipal territory.

That hasn’t stopped opponents of religious liberty from continuing their efforts to have the cross torn down. Already an attorney for Philip Paulson, an atheist Vietnam veteran, has filed suit in federal court, which would make the new law invalid.

The cross, dedicated on Easter Sunday 1954 as part of a memorial to Korean War veterans, has been the object of litigation since 1989. City officials in San Diego have admirably fought to retain the cross for nearly two decades. CMC hopes its transfer to federal hands permits the cross to stay where it is indefinitely.



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