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Israel Stays Vigilant During Cease-Fire

Posted by thelamp on August 17, 2006

A precarious quiet hangs over northern Israel and southern Lebanon this week, a marked contrast to the sound of rockets that have filled the skies there for the past month. A United Nations-imposed cease-fire took effect Monday, more than a month after Hezbollah initiated war against Israel by capturing two Israeli soldiers in a cross-border raid.

It would appear to be a mistake to call this situation “peaceful,” however. While it began to reduce its ground forces in Lebanon this week, Israel wisely remains on alert in some positions in southern Lebanon until U.N. forces, called the Unifil, can arrive to begin peacekeeping efforts. Defense Minister Amir Peretz has been quoted saying that even during the cease-fire, “There is no situation in which Hezbollah fires at (Israeli) forces that we will not retaliate.”

The past month’s fighting on either side of the Israel-Lebanon border has been some of the worst in the region in the past quarter century. Lebanese citizens began making their way back to their homes shortly after the cease-fire began. If the cease-fire holds, Israel’s military occupation of southern Lebanon may be complete as soon as next week.

The cease-fire document provides for cutting off Hezbollah’s supply lines and a Lebanese government presence in the southern part of the country, near the border with Israel. If the U.N. is even marginally effective at enforcing these two provisions, it will lead to a markedly improved situation in the Middle East.

It’s worth remembering who is to blame for the fighting you’ve seen on the front pages of your newspapers and your TV screens for the past month – Hezbollah, the Islamic terrorist group that initiated hostilities against Israel in mid-July. Israel has been aggressive in its self-defense, as it should be, and has drawn the wrath of much of the international community for its trouble.

Hezbollah, backed by its sponsors in Syria and Iran, started this war. Israel can hardly be blamed by wanting to end it with a victory – particularly when victory is essential for its survival.

CMC joins believers across the globe in prayer for the peace of Jerusalem.

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