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Spiritual Warfare Over Homosexuality in Jerusalem

Posted by thelamp on August 10, 2006

 Israel will be the site of another sort of warfare this week, as the international homosexual community invades Jerusalem for an event called WorldPride.

The week’s events will include a multi-faith clergy conference, a health day, youth conference and a film festival. A parade was the only planned event that has been canceled because of Israel’s wars against Islamic terrorists in Gaza and southern Lebanon.

It’s hard to understand why WorldPride chose Jerusalem for this year’s event, unless it was the opportunity to offend three major religions at once. Unfortunately, organizers and supporters don’t understand why anyone would object to a celebration of sin in the holiest city in the world.

Catholic archbishop Bruce Simpson, for example, laments the anticipated persecution of lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) persons at the event by striking back at Jews: “It is quite beyond me how these once-hunted people could now substitute one group of people for themselves and hand out similar treatment. Where is their conscience? Where is their education? Where is their humanity? Just as the Nazis wallowed in ignorance, fear and scapegoating, these antigay Jews in Israel now do the same to the LGBT people of the world. Do they not understand that unless all people are free, then none are? Do they not understand that as long as it is acceptable to carve out one group for such hatred and treatment than all groups including themselves are liable to be carved out by someone else seeking to rain death down upon their heads and the heads of their children?”

Simpson’s diatribe is spectacularly offensive. It’s outrageous to compare the Jewish people, who are even now being persecuted for their faith and heritage, with homosexuals, who define themselves on the basis of behavior they willingly engage in.

Please pray for the deliverance of those attending WorldPride this week, and for the Christians who are bravely attending the event to evangelize them so they might see the eternal benefits of turning from their immoral lifestyle to a relationship with Jesus Christ.



One Response to “Spiritual Warfare Over Homosexuality in Jerusalem”

  1. Love said

    Is a little girl sucking on her mother’s breast a lesbian?

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