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Bored With Parenthood?

Posted by thelamp on August 10, 2006

 It’s often said that parenthood isn’t for everyone. An American journalist living in London last week publicly and clumsily admitted that it’s not for her – although she made the discovery too late for her 10- and 12-year-old sons.

Helen Kirwan-Taylor announced her frustration with mothering in a column in the Daily Mail tabloid last month under the headline, “Sorry, but my children bore me to death!” Kirwan-Taylor said she has purposely extended her time at the office to avoid spending time with her sons and begged her nanny to read them bedtime stories. She freely admits she’d rather shop or get her hair done than attend children’s birthday parties.

She continued, “Am I a lazy, superficial person who because I don’t enjoy packing up their sports kit, or making their lunch, or sitting through coffee mornings with other mothers discussing how Mr. Science (I can’t remember most of the teachers’ names) said such and such to Little Johnny and should we all complain to the headmaster. At this point in the conversation, my mind drifts to thoughts of my own lunch and which shoes I plan to wear with what skirt.”

Yes, Helen, as a matter of fact, you are lazy and superficial. Raising children isn’t always the most intellectually stimulating pursuit, but it’s the most important job you’ll ever have. It requires an extraordinary level of self-sacrifice, and unfortunately for your sons it seems like you resent every speck of it. If you stopped pitying yourself for a few moments, you might just find your children fascinating, as children of God tend to be.

Predictably, and thankfully, Kirwan-Taylor is receiving criticism on both sides of the Atlantic for her exercise in self-absorption.



One Response to “Bored With Parenthood?”

  1. Once again one can see the entitlement tag on this account. And, in addition, the result of a fatherless life. It is indeed a slippery slope when men are sperm doners and children are the product of conception. It is a short leap from killing the unborn to killing a generation and it comes with the least rational anthem of all time, “Isn’t this fun… la la la tee da.”
    William Word, Fellowship of Brothers.

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