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John Bolton Deserves a Contract Extension

Posted by thelamp on August 2, 2006

John Bolton has served our nation effectively as United Nations Ambassador. CMC believes he deserves appointment to the job permanently, and encourages the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to recommend him to the full Senate for confirmation.

Ambassador Bolton currently serves at the United Nations under a recess appointment from President Bush, after the Senate delayed consideration of his nomination last summer. The appointment expires at the end of this session of Congress, and President Bush is asking the Senate to confirm Bolton for the rest of the President’s term in office. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee this week put off a vote on his nomination until September.

Bolton has been an articulate spokesman of the administration’s foreign policy. His plain-spoken approach is refreshing. CMC believes the nation is best-served with him representing our interests at the United Nations, especially as the nation draws increased scrutiny over its role resolving the Middle East crisis and the war on terrorism.

Please call these members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee this week and encourage them to support John Bolton’s nomination:

Your action today will help keep an outstanding public servant working for us in the United Nations. Thank you!



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