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Remember Why Israel’s Fighting

Posted by thelamp on July 27, 2006

It’s hard to imagine anyone who wants the fighting in southern Lebanon and northern Israel to continue – especially the Israeli government. As the fighting enters its third week, advocates of a cease-fire seemingly forget one important fact: Hezbollah started this war. Israel has both the right and responsibility to end it.

Now more than ever, Israel needs the righteous support of the Body of Christ in this nation. To send an e-mail to your U.S. Senators and Member of Congress in support of Israel, click here.

Last month, Pastor Rod Parsley, president & founder of the Center for Moral Clairty, presented the dynamic message “Iran & Israel: Impending Apocalypse.” It’s a timely look at the Middle East from a biblical perspective, and is available for a gift of any size to CMC.

To make an online donation to CMC and receive the DVD, click here. If you’d prefer to send a check, please download this printable response form.

Lebanon has become the unwilling site of this war. Hezbollah, an Islamic terrorist organization, initiated the conflict July 12 when it kidnapped two Israeli soldiers. Israel has spared no effort to retrieve its soldiers and incapacitate Hezbollah – and in many quarters, has been thanked by calls for a cease-fire, an action that would only give the terrorists an opportunity to regroup and plan new strategy against Israel.

Thankfully, U.S. leaders have consistently shown a clear view of the situation. President Bush, in his weekly radio address July 22, noted that Syria and Iran have been Hezbollah’s primary sponsors. He has asked Israel to do everything possible to minimize the loss of innocent lives, and Israel has responded by urging an evacuation of southern Lebanon, where Hezbollah reportedly hides its arsenal in civilian neighborhoods. Reports also state that Israel’s military will be distributing relief supplies to Lebanese citizens under the supervision of the Red Cross.

Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice was headed to the Middle East at the beginning of this week. So far she’s saying all the right things about Hezbollah, not Israel, being the source of this war. CMC believes it’s important that U.S. policy continue to recognize that Israel is acting in self-defense, much the way American citizens would expect its government to respond to threats against it.

Last week, Pastor Parsley was among more than 3,500 evangelical leaders who came to Washington to speak to Congress and the U.S. Senate about Israel’s security, as part of Christians United for Israel’s inaugural summit meeting. Pastor Parsley is a national director of CUFI, which was founded earlier this year by Dr. John Hagee.

“This event was planned five months ago,” said Pastor Parsley. “It wasn’t conceived as a response to Israel’s defense against attacks by radical Islamic terrorists, but God’s sovereign timing made our meetings with Members of Congress even more effective.”

CMC urges its members and all believers to contacting their Member of Congress and U.S. Senators about the need for America to stand with Israel while it is at war. An e-mail to contact legislators is available here.

To help you better understand the conflict in the Middle East, CMC is offering a prophetic message from Pastor Rod Parsley, “Iran & Iraq: Impending Apocalypse,” for your gift of any size. Won’t you consider a generous gift to allow CMC to keep advocating for Israel’s security? Click here to make an online donation. If you’d prefer to mail a check, download this printable response form.

Thanks for your righteous action on Israel’s behalf! For more information about Christians United for Israel, a grassroots organization of evangelicals, click here.


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