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ACLU Sues to Continue Gay-Baiting Protests

Posted by thelamp on July 27, 2006

 The American Civil Liberties Union is involved in a lawsuit in U.S. District Court to block a Missouri law regulating protests at funerals. Unfortunately, they’re on the wrong side of the issue – they’re supporting the rights of the protestors, not the grieving families the law protects.

The law regulates picketing and other protests near churches, funeral homes and other areas where funerals take place, from an hour before the funeral begins to an hour after it ends. It responds to the tactics of a Kansas-based church which claims that God is allowing U.S. soldiers and others to die as retribution for this nation’s tolerance of homosexuals. Several other states have similar laws, and in May President Bush signed a federal law barring protests at national cemeteries.

The ACLU is carrying water for the church on this issue, claiming that the Missouri law tries to block its free speech based on the content of its message. It wants the federal court to rule that the ban is unconstitutional.

In fact, funeral protest laws don’t prevent anyone from voicing their views, no matter how unbiblical or morally repugnant. They do, however, regulate the time, place and manner of such speech, as numerous other laws do. In this case, the law gives consideration to the families and friends of a lost loved one. They should be able to grieve in peace without interruption and harassment by a group seeking to advance its own political agenda.

It will be up to Missouri’s governor, Matt Blunt, and attorney general, Jay Nixon, to defend the civil liberties of the families this law was designed to protect.


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