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Thank You, President Bush, for Defending Life!

Posted by thelamp on July 20, 2006

 President George W. Bush today vetoed a bill that would have greatly expanded federal funding for human embryonic stem-cell research. This is great news for anyone who values the sanctity of human life. Thankfully, there are enough votes in each house of Congress to sustain the veto, killing this ill-advised legislation for this session of Congress.

Pastor Rod Parsley, founder and president of the Center for Moral Clarity, was present for the veto message in the White House’s East Room at the invitation of President Bush. It was the President’s first veto during his tenure in office.

To send an e-mail to the White House thanking President Bush for standing up for the sanctity of human life, click here.

“I’m proud to have represented members of the Center for Moral Clarity and other pro-life Americans at the White House this veto message,” said Pastor Parsley. “The invitation is a testament to how CMC members have made an impact on our national dialogue in just two years since I founded this great Christian grassroots organization.”

“I’m also thankful that our President is a defender of the sanctity of human life. People matter more than anything else, and it’s great to know that President Bush understands that an embryo, without question, is a human life. That was demonstrated at the President’s speech today, where he was surrounded by ‘snowflake babies’ – children who developed from the embryos researchers want to destroy in the name of science. I’ve been privileged to be present at two seminal moments in this President’s tenure – his signing of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2005, and today as he announced that he would veto a bill that would be a breach of faith with Americans who value human life.”

“I call on the Congress to sustain this veto as quickly as possible, because it’s simply bad public policy to experiment on human life in any form.”

You can read and view the President’s July 19 statement by clicking here.

Tuesday, July 18, the U.S. Senate voted 63-37 to pass H.R. 810, the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act (click here to find our how your state’s senators voted on the bill), sending it to the President’s desk. The bill would have greatly increased the amount of federal funds devoted to human embryonic stem-cell research, a morally impermissible practice that destroys human life in the name of science. The Senate also passed two other bills, which don’t cause pro-life advocates ethical concerns:

  • S. 2754, the Alternative Pluripotent Stem Cell Therapies Enhancement Act, a bill to aid research into techniques of deriving stem cells without harming human embryos.
  • S. 3504, the Fetus Farming Prohibition Act of 2006, a bill to prohibit the solicitation or acceptance of tissue from human fetuses grown solely for research purposes.

Critics have distorted the truth about human embryonic stem-cell research on several fronts, including:

  • Claiming that there is already a “ban” or “near-ban” on the practice. Unfortunately, human embryonic stem-cell research is legal. The question has always been who will pay for it – private sponsors, the American taxpayer, or both. In fact, President Bush became the first chief executive to permit federal funding of human embryonic stem-cell research in August 2001. He wisely restricted funding to stem-cell lines that existed at that time, and that policy holds today. His veto today is a logical extension of that policy.
  • Insisting that human embryonic stem-cell research is a promising field. The truth is that no treatments or cures have been developed from human embryonic stem-cell research. However, alternative types of human stem cells -–drawn from adults, children and umbilical-cord blood without doing harm to the donors – have already achieved therapeutic results in thousands of patients from many different diseases. If Congress is committed to funding medical research, it should be directed toward promising techniques that are ethical. Fortunately, the Senate passed S. 2754 this week as well, a bill that advances this objective.
  • Contending that the use of embryos left over from fertility clinics is not controversial. Nothing could be further from the truth. If life begins at conception – and it does – then embryos deserve the same passionate defense from Bible-believing Christians as a fetus growing in its mother’s womb. The principle of the sanctity of human life demands that we not cheapen the value of one life, even to bring potential help to another life.

President Bush deserves the thanks of all Christians for his courageous stand on behalf of the sanctity of human life. To thank him for vetoing the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act, click here. Thank you for making your voice heard!


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