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No Guts in Massachusetts

Posted by thelamp on July 20, 2006

 Faced with the opportunity to let the people decide on a constitutional amendment to define marriage, the Massachusetts legislature instead took the coward’s way out – waiting until after the November elections to let their views be known.

The legislature adjourned a constitutional convention last week without considering a citizen initiative to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. A record 170,000 citizens had begun the initiative process by signing petitions asking legislators to consider a state constitutional amendment. They are still required to debate and vote on the proposed amendment, but now won’t do so until at least Nov. 9 – two days after statewide elections.

Under Massachusetts’ complex procedure for putting constitutional amendment on the state ballot, 25 percent of legislators must vote for the petition in two consecutive legislative sessions. The soonest Massachusetts voters could see a marriage amendment on the ballot is 2008.

Massachusetts, of course, is the only state in America to sanction same-sex marriage, following the absurd decision by the state Supreme Court that the state constitution contained a “right” for homosexuals to marry. The citizens’ initiative would have fixed that mistake, and the court had ruled that citizens had a right to do so.

The legislators’ failure to consider the people’s petition in a timely manner is an outrage. They should have done their duty last week, no matter how controversial the issue is, rather than wait until after most of them had faced the voters this fall.

CMC hopes Massachusetts legislators choose in November to give the people to right to decide how they will define marriage.


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