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End of the World…According to Al Gore

Posted by thelamp on July 20, 2006

I do not wish to mention this as a personal or poltical attack at Al Gore.  I simply wish to mention this because of the noteworthiness I found on the Internet.

* I do not endorse nor am responsible for what is said at the site linked

What do you think?  Post your comments below.


4 Responses to “End of the World…According to Al Gore”

  1. Mark said

    The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!

  2. What are you listening to a jerky drug addict for. He’s in leage with Bush Sr., the Anti-Christ (Remember his public TV statement about his “New World Order), and Bush Jr., the Beast? (certainly A beast if not THE beast!)


  3. Mark said

    Sounds like you listen to false end times profits. There is no future tribulation. John was writing to the seven churches not to you in 2006.

  4. Mark said

    Prophet not profit

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