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Real Christianity – revisited

Posted by thelamp on July 17, 2006

I would like to follow-up to a previous blog entry entitled “Real Christianity”.  Please go to to read the entry prior to reading today’s post.

Where is your heart?  What is truly important to you?  If I were to ask what influences you the most or the most important thing or person (even a top 5 list) in your life, it would be interesting to see what we would list.  Last night–as you know I have been recently reading a book Jerusalem Countdown–and I read something that bothered me.  I do not wish to say this to cirticize a particular individual or discredit someone or the book, but it really bothered me about this one thing.  I was reading about how real peace in the Middle East will have to involve Jerusalem as the central focus and that there will not be true peace until “the lion lays with the lamb…”  I do not wish to go into the details at the moment with what was said but it bothered me that there was a urgency for the New Jerusalem (read Revelation 21 and 22) and yet what immediately came to my mind were the billions of people who will miss the Rapture (yes, I am a pre-trib believer because the Bible has more proof of that than mid and post trib), suffer, die, and all that prior to the Millenial Kingdom.  Now, I am not upset about God’s Judgment or saying it’s not fair…But our prayer shouldn’t be “Hurry up God and bring all this or world peace or peace in the Middle East” but “God give me strength so that I may lead just one more to You.”  It’s sad when some Christians are more consumed with “can’t wait to go to Heaven” for themselves rather than “can’t wait to see {my mom, my dad, my brother, my sister, my boss, my employee, my teacher, etc.} in Heaven.

In other words, the singular word that William Booth stated that echos through my mind consumes my desire and partially inspires me to have this blog.  That concern he had and the word he focused on was “OTHERS”.  Not “Me” but others.

What do you think?  Post your comments below.


One Response to “Real Christianity – revisited”

  1. Robert Williams said

    I have pondered the issue of defending Israel. Although many will use Genesis 12 where God said I will bless those who bless you and curse him (satan, and those who are his) who curses you. However, because us Gentiles were grafted in the vine when Jesus died on the cross for our sins and the Gospel was preached to everyone–regardless–we have an opportunity to be forgiven by God for our sins and be “joint heirs”. In other words, why are so many people wanted to stand up only for Israel and blow off the sinner–the drunk, the prostitute, the tax accountant, the President, Congress, etc–just because. I think deep down it’s because their own walk is shaky and so if I “defend” Israel, I’ll appease God’s wrath. I recommend that those who are honest will look into Romans 3.

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