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Winning this world

Posted by thelamp on July 14, 2006

Often is the challenge we Christians face regarding God’s mandate–truthfully, His commandment–to share the Gospel and to make disciples.  I would like to explore some ideas on this topic. 

First, we modern (American) Christians are distracted servants of God.  While Christians from days of old consumed their weekday lives with their trade for about 5 hours and then spent the rest of their day tending to farm or house work, we are so busy with daily activities.  We work at least 8 hours a day, spend time commuting, consumed with various evening activities, and before we know it…the day is over.  Or perhaps we consume our daytime hours with work and then once we go through clocking out our evening is filled with entertainment–television, movies, music, relationships.  Through it all it is truly amazing how many Christians get so involved with tasks that taking time to share the Word to someone, reading God’s word, praying, or even meditate on the goodness of God.  Sadly, modern evangelism has constricted the Christian to view church and church actitives an extension of a job–just a duty or going through the motions.  ( and view Hell’s Best kept Secret).  We are consumed with “results” that we fail in sharing the Gospel God’s way by replacing it with feel good messages from preachers who deep down do not realize the weight of responsibility that is upon their life.  Every person we come in contact, God will hold us accountable for sharing the Gospel, not sharing the Gospel, or not doing it His way.  God outlines a proper way of declaring His word that turns people to God and not away ( is a great online resource).  Just like “family comedy” on television, churches have become nothing more than a superficial place where reality is just outside the doors.  The only time “missionary work” is mentioned is for a few moments in the spotlight. 

     Then a question comes up regarding the method used for bringing the Gospel to this world.  Although we have various methods of evangelism in our church, I chose this one particular one for conversation ( in my church’s URL) .   For example, our church regularly has concerts either in a neighborhood park, street corner or at our church (inside or outside) and never had any complaints.  This past Saturday we had one guy rapping (Christian rap) and the background tracks with people testifying about Jesus saving them from sin in between songs.  We had our permits and everything to be legally there and we were in accordance to the law.  A man came storming to us in barefeet (he walked about 5 blocks with no shoes on) to cuss us out and scream at us because “we’re insane for blasting his windows out”.  I doubt we were that loud where property damage occured; however, it was obvious this gentleman was upset.  When asked if this man was a Christian, he reacted as if we had cussed out his wife or parent.  He went totally balastic, flaying his arms everywhere, stopping traffic, yelling at people, cussing, and all the while saying “this is insane”.  Even the city police department told the man we had the right to be there, we had violated no laws, and we were in the total right for being there.  The gentleman also said he is pursuing this matter even through legal means.  I can understand people not liking rap, but it wasn’t the music…It was because we publicly declared the name of Jesus Christ.  Never a complaint…until this one man.

     So when does sharing the Gospel become a personal mandate versus “I have to do this to be elevated in my church or accepted”?  When is it proper to share God’s word?  When is it going to be the church of God understanding that 140,000 people die every day and most of them are in hell and we’re too busy fighting to be on Christian television (a total joke)?

What do you think?  Post your comments below.


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