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Rewriting the Book on Homosexuality

Posted by thelamp on July 14, 2006

Former TV star Sheila Kuehl believes she knows what California school children should learn about homosexuality. Unfortunately, as a state legislator, she’s trying to do something about it.

Classic TV fans may remember Kuehl as Zelda in “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.” Now a California state senator, she’s sponsored a bill that would prohibit any lesson material in California schools that “reflect adversely on persons due to sexual orientation.” Worse, the bill also seeks to incorporate “age-appropriate study of the role and contributions of people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.” The bill has passed the State Senate and now is s under consideration in the State Assembly.

This proposal is dangerous precisely because it’s been advanced in California. Even the most principled textbook companies would find it difficult to opt out of the California market. Most would comply with this ridiculous requirement if it became law, and the same textbooks would inevitably find their way into a host of other states.

CMC encourages its California members to contact their Assembly member to express their opposition to Sen. Kuehl’s bill requiring the rewriting of history to emphasize depraved behavior. If you live in California, you can find contact information for your Assembly member here.


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