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On Both Coasts, New Stem-Cell Efforts

Posted by thelamp on July 14, 2006

Two prominent universities, Harvard and the University of California at San Francisco, have launched research projects to extract stem cells from human embryos. Both programs are privately funded, but they still make the critical mistake of destroying human life in the name of science.

Both universities are using human eggs for cloning from fertility clinics, with eggs deemed poor candidates for implantation into humans. If successful, it will help this field of research recover from the bad publicity it received last year, when a Korean research was found to have faked results which purported to make great gains in cloning and human embryonic stem-cell research.

President Bush in 2001 banned the use of federal funds for studies of new human embryonic stem-cell research. Unfortunately, no law prevents Harvard or UCSF from proceeding with its efforts using private funds. Human embryonic stem-cell research should not be legal under any circumstances. It’s incompatible with respect for the sanctity of human life. Research on adult stem cells has proven to be far more productive than using embryos, without the moral objections.

These universities would be well advised to direct their research dollars into ethical forms of research, and abandon the use of irreplaceable body parts for their experiments.


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