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Immigration bill

Posted by thelamp on July 14, 2006

The United States was built in immigration.  From the Native Americans to 2006, millions of people can migrated to the United States in one form or fashion.  It has been the termed that America is the “city upon a hill” and with that peoplpe have found dignity, blessing, and prosperity.

It pains me, though, to see how we as a nation have become.  As a follow-up to my previous blog post, I still do not have a problem with people coming into the US LEGALLY (as in you apply for citizenship as soon as you can and then begin to draw benefits).  Where I have the disconnect is when people from other nations (and it has been widely stated Mexicans (mexican: citizen from Mexico, not a racial slur)) are coming into this country illegally and immediately demanding rights just like a citizen.  If we were to be truthful and come clean, it’s all of our faults.  When we turn a blind eye to things, it’s our fault.  When we don’t vote, it’s our fault.  When we cover up the Truth with misleading statements and/or lies, it’s our fault.  Corruption doesn’t just exist in Washington, D.C…It exists in every one of our hearts.  The Bible declares that “the heart is deceitful above all things and deperately wicked, who can know”. 

I do not have a problem with people wanting to work jobs, but pay them equal as anyone else.  I STRONGLY believe it is wrong to pay someone less than someone else based on race, sex, etc.  That is exploitation!  You see, explotation and “screw every one” is the attitude not only in government but in businesses everywhere.  No one cares about each other.  No one is concerned about helping their fellow man.  It’s all about “me”.  The truth is what happens in the end.  Regardless of how many “toys” and “dollars” you have, you’ll die just the same as the homeless man on the street.  I also believe it is totally ignorant–strike that, stupid–to believe any race is superior than another and so let’s keep the “white people” over here and give these other jobs to “these people”.  That is why I strongly dislike affirmitive action that “encourages women and minorities” to apply.  If you–regardless of anything–have the skills, knowledge, and training necessary…then you get the job at a competitive rate. 

Now before I have every business owner screaming at me for wanting their company to close for paying higher wages or more benefits, think about this.  Business owner, President, CEO, etc. wouldn’t it be nice that you have employees who actually cared about their jobs?  Wouldn’t it be nice that they would arrive on time and leave work when they’re suppose to?  Wouldn’t it be nice if that had to miss due to an illness temporarily that there are benefits in place for them to get better so they can be back at work?  The biggest asset for a company should never be the $$$$$$$$, it is your people…the intellectual capital.  True, overhead may rise.  True, the owner, CEO, etc. may not have 5 cars and a 5 bedroom home and another house somewhere else…big stinking deal.  At least your employees will love to do their job.  When they love to do their job, then they’ll be more productive.  Not only that, people will like your company well enough they’ll want more of your product and service, which in turn will give you more money in the end. 

In closing, if you want to come to the US, then do it legal.  If you don’t like the country you’re from because “they’re not like America” then get off your lazy butt and do something–i.e. vote the person out of office, vote, change your work ethic, etc.

What do you think?  Post your comments below.


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