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House Backs a Secure Israel

Posted by thelamp on July 14, 2006

CMC thanks the U.S. House of Representatives for overwhelmingly approving H.R. 4681, The Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act of 2006, last week. The bill now moves on to the U.S. Senate.

To contact your state’s Senators, encouraging them to vote for H.R. 4681, click here.

CMC is hopeful that the legislation will motivate Hamas, which won the majority of seats in Palestinian parliamentary elections in January to reconsider its stance toward Israel. Hamas has historically vowed to seek the destruction of Israel, but has been faced with the consequences of that position since it gained political power. Palestine’s president, Mahmoud Abbas of the rival Fatah party, last week called for a territory-wide referendum to recognize Israel and accept the national goal of establishing a Palestinian state in Gaza and the West Bank alongside Israel.

“I’m very pleased that the House stood with Israel on this important vote,” said Pastor Rod Parsley, founder and president of the Center for Moral Clarity. “As long as a terrorist organization is in charge of the Palestinian Authority, it would be counterproductive of our government to support it financially. Israel is clearly our most reliable friend in the Middle East, and it simply makes no sense for us to fund a government bent on Israel’s destruction. I hope the Senate will act on this bill quickly.”

Since Hamas won the most seats in Palestinian elections in January, President Bush wisely cut off aid to the Palestinian Authority. H.R. 4681 essentially makes the President’s policy part of federal law, so that no future President could backtrack from our nation’s commitment to defend and support Israel.

Basic health assistance, such as food and medicine, is exempt from this law and continues to be provided.

To call the offices of your U.S. Senators, click here for their contact information or click here to send an e-mail advocating for this bill. If you call, be sure to identify yourself as a member of the Center for Moral Clarity.

For more information on Christians United for Israel, a new grassroots group with which CMC is affiliated, click here.


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