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Give Us A Break, John Stossel!

Posted by thelamp on July 14, 2006

John Stossel of ABC News has been reporting on the issue of homosexuality for at least 14 years. But as his latest book proves, he’s still no closer to discerning the truth.

Currently on a media tour to promote his book “Myths, Lies & Downright Stupidity,” Stossel said last week, “One of the myths is that you can change homosexuality. There are these groups like Exodus International that says, ‘We can fix you. If you pray, if you turn your life over to Jesus, we can make you straight.’ And I’ve talked to lots of people who supposedly were cured and they were not.”

These comments echo the sentiment of “20/20” reports Stossel made in April 1992 and again in March 2001, which purported to debunk the notion that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice. He didn’t succeed, of course, because homosexual behavior is a choice. Groups like Exodus succeed precisely because it is possible to leave the gay lifestyle – and because men and women realize that it’s a desirable lifestyle to leave.

In 1992, Stossel’s report featured interviews with numerous men who had left the gay lifestyle. He then closed with, “Clearly, this is a minority belief. Most therapists don’t believe this, and the American Psychological Assocaition and American Psychiatric Association both say that homosexuality is not a disease, doesn’t meet there’s anything wrong with you, and therefore there’s nothing that needs to be cured.”

In 2001, during a similar report, Stossel ridiculed the claims of Exodus International and other organizations that are working to bring people out of the gay lifestyle with his trademark line, “Give me a break!” He needs to take his own advice. Stossel’s blind spot on homosexuality leaves no room for the life-changing power of the Gospel. He’s bought the conventional wisdom that homosexuality is biological despite a dearth of credible evidence to support that notion. Unfortunately, he’s spread that misinformation in his new book.

It’s entirely possible that Stossel hasn’t done any research on the subject since his last “20/20” report. If he had, he’d surely realize that one of the most important (if underreported) societal trends of recent times is the flood of former homosexuals abandoning that destructive lifestyle. Pastor Rod Parsley, in “Silent No More,” declares, “The number of former homosexuals, transsexuals, bisexuals and lesbians who have left their promiscuous lifestyles to embrace traditional values, the Christian faith and ordinary family life is increasing every day.”


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