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Exploitation and Discrimination

Posted by thelamp on July 14, 2006

For a while now–and has been a hot topic–I have been wanting to voice an opinion concerning exploitation and discrimination, specifically explotation of work.  This is not a personal issue but perhaps personal to all of us.  On the outset of this blog entry I wish to say I am not anti-any other government or nation or society. 

The question I would like to ask is: how many of our corporate CEOs and whatnot are real Americans?  Let me explore this thought for a moment.  I am not against other nations of the world–let’s be open and honest by saying countries like India, China, Mexico, etc.–benefitting from modern technology or given opportunities to have benefits and lives that we here in America take for granted.  BUT I do have a problem when companies lay off workers or shut down entire companies or divisions to move them overseas because of “cheaper” labor.  I do not think it is fair to the American people who can benefit from those jobs that they are pushed aside for “cheap” labor.  This argument goes from corporate America down to our farmers.  If someone from another country wants to work, fine…but at what cost for an American person or family to suffer?

Another exploitation I see is with pay wages as per the difference between men and women.  Although I hold traditional views of family, I do afirm that men and women should be paid equal for equal work. 

Now comes the discrimination.  I personally and strongly dislike “women and minorities should apply”.  I believe if you have the knowledge and skills necessary to do the job (and other issues such as references, criminal background, etc.) then you should get the job regardless of race, religion, national origin, sex, or weight.

What do you think?  Post your comments below.


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