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Da Vinci [Crap]

Posted by thelamp on July 14, 2006

The film adaptation of Dan Brown’s blasphemous novel “The DaVinci Code” opens nationwide Friday, exposing his false assertions about Christianity to an audience even bigger than the 45 million who have purchased the book. This is a movie Christians should avoid – on the basis of its subject matter alone, it has no redeeming value.

Pastor Rod Parsley has developed material every Christian needs to counter the lies perpetrated by Dan Brown’s book and the movie made from it. To order the DVD and special report, “The DaVinci Deceit,” click here.

The film has already received extensive nationwide publicity because of its Hollywood pedigree (the star, Tom Hanks, and the director, Ron Howard, are both Academy Award winners) and its unprecedented access to the Louvre in France for filming. But underneath the flash, the film’s message is full of discredited assertions about Jesus Christ and the early church. Some of its claims, which Brown has asserted to be factual, are:

  • That Mary Magdelene was married to Jesus. “The Da Vinci Code” resurrects an ancient heresy: that Jesus did not die on the cross, but survived to marry His lover, Mary Magdalene. This is anti-biblical and would compromise Jesus’ position as the bridegroom of the Church.
  • Mary Magdalene and Jesus had children who became the royal line of France. There is nothing in history that could possibly even indicate this is true. Yet in the book and the film, it is presented as a fact.
  • These “facts” have been known for centuries and hidden by the Church. The movie states that an ancient and secret guard – the Catholic organization Opus Dei – has ruthlessly killed to cover up these “facts” so Christianity would not be destroyed. In fact, Opus Dei was started in 1928 by a Spanish priest. The organization’s members are predominantly lay persons, with a few priests included. The organization has no monks and no agenda to suppress the truth by murdering those who are custodians of ancient secrets, as depicted in the book.

“I’m appalled by the lengths that ‘The DaVinci Code’ has gone in an attempt to discredit Christianity,” said Pastor Rod Parsley, founder and president of the Center for Moral Clarity. “Believers should be ready to counter these outrageous claims about our faith as they gain a wider hearing in the public discourse through this movie. Scripture says we should always be ready to explain the truth about Christianity (1 Peter 3:15-16). This film certainly will provide opportunities for believers to counter the deception of ‘The DaVinci Code.’”

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